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Attractions & Events

History, Arts & Culture

In Millicent premier tourism attractions include the National Trust Millicent Museum, which features an incredible array of vintage naval artefacts, vehicles, clothes and a fully working blacksmith’s forge. The annual Heritage Day is a massive hit with locals and visitors alike who are transported back in time to see how our ancestors lived.

At the opposite end of the town is the Millicent Library and Art Gallery, a state of the art building with a dedicated space for exhibitions by artists who specialise in painting, textiles, sculpture, and photography.

Murals and public art are all around Millicent, with splashes of colour added to the landscape by Mimby Jo Robinson, Mike Makatron, Kitt Bennett, and Melanie Spurling.

Camping, Hiking & Sports

Canunda National Park, just 20kms outside of Millicent, is a magnificent camping and hiking site featuring rugged coastal clifftops, native foliage and sand dunes. In addition to walking trails, mountain biking and 4WD driving is encouraged in the park.

Smaller in scale but no less beautiful is Lake McIntyre, which is a birdwatching paradise, with swans, ducks, plovers, and the rare Japanese snipe. There is a walking trail around the manmade lake, and a recreation area with a public barbecue and restrooms.

For people who live in the fast lane, the Teagle Excavations ARB Pines Enduro 400 attracts the best off-road racers from all over Australia to compete in high-stakes, high action races across a whole weekend. A complete race course has been carved out of a quarry where audiences can get as close as they can to the action.

And in terms of youth sports, Millicent can’t be beat. The Millicent Junior Basketball Tournament attracts up to 20,000 people to the town as families from across South Australia and Western Victoria come to cheer on young athletes competing against each other at the Peter Seebohm Basketball Stadium, school courts, and even courts by the coast at Beachport.

Millicent’s connection to the sea can also be found at the mural of a Giant Squid painted by maximist muralist Kitt Bennett on our Skate Park, where Skate Park Leagues hold annual clinics.

Millicent’s sporting teams and facilities include golf, football, netball, gyms, lawn bowls, squash, cricket, baseball, tennis, soccer, and croquet.


District Localities

Millicent is surrounded by the smaller localities of Tantanoola, Furner, Hatherleigh, Rendelsham, Glencoe, Kalangadoo, Mt Burr, Southend and Beachport, which each have their own unique histories and tourism attractions.


Just outside of Millicent, gorgeous natural beauty can be found at the Tantanoola Caves, with ancient stalactites and stalagmites are illuminated in the caverns. And of course, a trip out to Tantanoola wouldn’t be complete without having a glimpse of the Tantanoola Tiger on top of the town’s hotel!


Bountiful farmland defines Furner, and the town features a florist specialising in native flora.



Another cult favourite among visitors is the Glencoe Woolshed, a fascinating historical landmark from the colonial era.


Mt Burr and Kalangadoo

Mt Burr is nestled among the forests of Mount Muirhead and features a bustling general store, while Kalangadoo is home to apple orchards and a charming farmers market on weekends.

Coastal Towns

Going out towards Beachport there is also the opportunity to pass through the rolling hills of Rendelsham, the bustling small sporting and golfing town of Hatherleigh, and particularly Southend, which is home to a peaceful beach and jetty perfect for fishing.

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